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frequently asked questions

How do I add favorites?

In grid view, click Show Info from the menu above the images or press the i key. Then click the blue heart symbol.

How do I remove favorites?

From grid view, click Show Favorites from the menu above the images. Then click Clear on the image you want to remove.

How do I save my favorites collection?

Favorites are saved automatically but depending on the device used this can sometimes be overwritten when closing the browser. Your favorites will also be overwritten if you receive a link to someone else's favorites. To be safe, bookmark the page or copy the address and store it wherever you like. The url address is constantly updated as you add or remove favorites. When bookmarking, check the url has '?favorites=xxxxxxxxx' at the end with the 'x's representing the images you've favorited. Some devices don't support updating the address in this way. If you find that there are no favorites at the end of the url you can email the favorites to yourself using the link when viewing favorites which will generate the correct url which you can then copy and paste to save it anywhere you like.

How can I show my favorites to someone else?

Click the email a link to these favorites button while viewing your favorites collection, this will launch the default email app. If you use webmail just copy the address in the browser address bar and paste it into an email. See the previous question regarding the address bar url.

How do I access my favorites on a different device?

If you have bookmarks synced between your devices, go ahead and bookmark the favorites on one device and then access that bookmark from the other device and continue to work with the same set of favorites. On a completely separate device you can email a link to the favorites to yourself and then access that link from the device in question via the email app or webmail in the browser.

Are there any keyboard shortcuts I can use?

Yes, you can navigate the full sized image galleries using the left arrow and right arrow keys and press Esc to return to the grid view. When viewing galleries you can press the f key to add the current image to your favorites. In grid view you can toggle the info overlay (to add favorites and reference the image id number) on and off by pressing the i key.

How can I buy an image?

At the moment everything is custom sized and printed so please contact me if you are interested in buying prints. You can email me a specific image via the email a link to this image button in the gallery view or simply refer to an image by its three digit ID number. You can also email me a link to a collection of favorites if you'd like to buy more than one.

Can't I just buy online?

We are considering setting up a series of standard sizes and frame choices to allow online purchasing directly from the website or through a third party. If you would be interested in this please leave your email on the contact page and I'll let you know once we have something ready to go. We won't spam you or sell your address to anyone, promise!

Uhh, is the website supposed to look like that?

With so many devices and platforms to support it's quite possible you've stumbled on something that isn't working as well as it should. If that's the case we'd really appreciate it if you'd let us know. If you can specify which device/browser/operating system you're using and even include a screenshot of the behaviour that would be awesome. We can't test every device on the market and your feedback helps to make the site better for everyone.

Can I ask a question?

Ask away!

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